Remove Virus Using Command Prompt

Remove virus using pendrive

Hi, friend I know that almost everyone who is using computer must be having antivirus installed on their system and some of them may not. But sometime it happens that your antivirus doesn’t detect virus even though you have 100% doubt that your … [Read more...]

Increase RAM memory using Pendrive

PenDrive As RAM

Today in metro city, working on computer is not passion or hobby, but it is a need to fulfill our demand for our daily office or project work. And working on computer with slow processing is very tedious and time consuming. So, to increase the speed … [Read more...]

Fake Virus with command prompt


Virus is nothing but a kind of code, which can destroy your files and folder of your system. It can create a great harm to your system. So, many of us would be afraid when we see virus detected on our system. Now the trick, which I will be disclosing … [Read more...]