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5 Best Launcher Apps For Android

There are many apps for android available in the Google Play store for customizing your android experience, hence you might get confused which one to choose?? Here I have selected 5 of them that you can use...

#1 Nova Launcher (Free)

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Why Google’s PageRank is given More Important??

If you look at a website/blog how you decide that this blog/website is good?? You may check their quality of contents and then the ranking. There are various parameters that are used for ranking a website, of which the most important Read More →

How to hide last seen on Whatsapp?

Many of mine friend always complain about the last seen that whatsapp shows, they always have this question "why whatsapp shows last seen?" . So I search and found a trick that will helped them to hide last seen. So I thought Read More →

Killer Tips to boost Traffic and Ranking

As a blog owner what all you need?? What are the various ways that encourages you to write blog posts?? For me the encouraging factor is the traffic that I get on my blog, it encourages me to write more and Read More →

Alexa Rank, What it is?

As a webmaster you might have heard about many ranking factors, like Google Page Rank, SEMrush Rank, etc. Also for sure you have heard about Alexa Rank too. Here I am going to discuss about what exactly Alexa Rank is?? Let's Start...

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