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How to Develop Your Own Effective BYOD Workplace Policy

When developing your own Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for your work place, the temptation to use an online template will be strong, and to some extent, logical. But, BYOD policies aren’t cookie-cutter. They will vary as much as Read More →

Is Paid Android App safe to download for free?

Downloading Paid android app for free is really sounds awesome. The Android developer who tried hard to develop such useful app in order to get revenue from their apps is being pirated Read More →

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 explored

Tablets are rapidly becoming the consumer gadget of choice. Simple to use and boasting an array of applications, these products certainly have a lot to offer. One firm that has cemented its place as a major force in Read More →

Movie stars who like to gamble

If you don’t want to end up like this list of Movie stars who lost tons of money in casinos in gamble then venture on over to Bwin where you can learn how not to lose money. If only these Read More →

How to Provide Maximum security to Your Windows 8 System

Using password to keep PC, laptop and tablets secure is surely trusted way to stop the access to my personal data. Windows 8 has also come up with some more modified options to keep my PC secured.

Read More →

Self Hosted or Free Hosted, Which one to Choose??

In my previous post, I have talked about "what are the things that you should consider before starting a blog?", here I am going to talk about the Read More →

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