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Things That You Should Consider Before Starting a Blog!!

So you are starting a blog, and this might be the reason you have landed here or you might have started a blog, but you want to know what you have missed? If this is your question then Read More →

BBM for android to be launched on September 20

If you are fan of both Android and BlackBerry messenger, then here is one good news for you. BBM for android is going to be launched on this friday i.e. 20th september,2013. BlackBerry has made this announcement earlier this year while announcing Read More →

How Google entered into ‘Message war’ with Google Hangouts?

Hey, I am sure till now everyone had come to know about the Google’s hangout. Since, people are getting engaged in the technology day by day, they are trying to find the easiest way to communicate with their Read More →

JPG or PNG: Which should you choose ?

As a blogger, internet marketer or a web designer, you know the significance of using images in your projects very well than anyone else in globe. As you know, it has a non-negotiable effect on the user-engagement and user-experience of Read More →

Tips to Make Social Media an Effective Piece of the Integrated Marketing Puzzle

Many companies mistakenly believe that if they have social media accounts set up, people will magically flock to them and buy their products and services. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is far Read More →

Social Media Platforms You Should Consider Prioritizing

Depending on how you define social media platforms, there are anywhere from dozens to hundreds of platforms out there. What most people do agree on is that a few social media platforms stand out above all the rest. Even just Read More →
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